HEY from Leo

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This is Leo. He was born on the 20th of November 2015. He had a fast delivery and seemed to be doing very well. Mum was seriously protective over her babies although not aggressive very pushy when i was trying to check them. So on day 3 i managed to get them weighed and looked them all over. Leo sadly had a foot that was semi sliced off on his rear back leg. He was so tiny, but we rushed him to the vet that night. We had to return early the following morning and they amputated his rear right leg.

To be honest i wasn’t convinced he would make it through surgery! So i breathed a sigh of relief when he did. Then we were told the follow 10 days would be critical and when he was most at risk from infection. So I watched him like a hawk. We had sinolux (cant spell it) to give him as antibiotics and it was very apparent something wasn’t right from the minute we started on them. He was vomiting everything every time we tried to dropper them in. So called the vet and they told me to stop the antibiotics. So i worried even more he wouldn’t make it through those 10 days! He did again surpass expectations!

Hes now going to be 6 weeks old in 3 days time! I am over the moon. He is of course learning to walk differently than his siblings although he manages it very well! We will post pictures very soon of all the recovery after surgery aka his wound site and how he looks now! But i am a very proud Mummy!