A good day today!

My gorgeous boy ❤️image Today we have been playing and standing tall!


The face of innocence but pure naughtiness!


We are FINALLY beginning to stand tall and chase me across the living room!

Balancing pad is working some magic slowly!

If your bored look at this gorgeous 2 legged Italian greyhound how amazing!



Days seem to merge into 1


Such innocent faces that cause heaps of trouble!

Sometimes I feel like I am banging my head against the wall. Seems like having to beg my vet is starting to be quite common and it’s getting very frustrating.

The way I see it, Leo is 6 weeks and 4 days old. That means his bones haven’t developed yet which in my eyes means any issues we can help and change. But in 6 months time he maybe in trouble and then need surgery am I completely paranoid?


This pup I adore with every part in my body…. I owe it to him to get the very best help and prevent anymore surgery!



Leo decided!

Leo decided today that he doesn’t want to be fat! So has decided that he wants to donate his treat money for a month to Tripawds!

He said it was because he’s made some lovely friends and fans he wanted to make sure others could to by donating some money!


So not only is he cute, he’s pretty smart to! 😉