Good News

Hey Peeps

So Leo is much better although we have learnt when he’s sore so that’s a plus as we can prevent it becoming major

Now onto my gorgeous new family members they will be flying on the 26th and will arrive after a 17hour journey!

I am super excited but can’t wait to meet them and finally touch them and be their very proud new mummy xxxx

Leo’s specialist appointment


Ok so Loopy Leo saw the specialist and we have decided on medication to keep him moving (when he has any bad times) and normal routine as normal.

When Leo is a year old we are going to repeat X-Ray’s and scans and look to do the operation then (7 months time).

Until then hydrotherapy, accupunture and short pavement walks to help muscle development. Also his other exercises with the rehab vet!

So I can breathe a sigh of relief. Of course should the situation become worse and his in a lot of pain the surgery will have to be done sooner but we will cross that bridge when we come to it!

Love you Leo your My super star! XX

Leos Step back

image image image image image image image imageSo Been a bad week this week. Leo managed for the second time to hurt his back. X-rays and MRI scans were done and turns out hes pulled a vertebrae. So looks like he will have to have surgery to pin it as it seems to trap a nerve leaving his remaining leg completely useless.

We have all the anti inflammatorys and pain medication until we see the specialist tomorrow buts its worrying.

Today hes running around as if nothing is wrong but i know he could be in trouble again any time so i am worried about letting him the garden or out to play!

He rocked his harness and bandanna though 😉