I Have so much to tell you!

Dear Tripawds fans and family

Its been a month or so since my last confession! I have been poorly for a while but back on top again. FINALLY!

So Leah and Brad have been with me for over 2 months now. Brad comes always the minute i call him, Leah still nervous and shy although i am the only one thats in her circle of trust! Although shes getting braver and will do anything for chicken or cheese.

Had a terrible week last week, due to a horrendous dog fight (NOT with my dogs). We were out walking and this dog came out of no where, and grabbed Tara Leos sister by the throat. She was lucky she has a full neck ruff of fur, and needed a couple of stitches or i fear she wouldnt have come off well at all. I am still yet to walk her again (stitches stopped walkies for a little while as its been so wet lately), I had 2 little dogs with me, April a Lhasa who belonged to my daughter, and Peggy a little pug cross. This horrible dog then went for April (who i never let off the lead until this day) and so i dropped her lead and let her run. 4 hours she was hidden away for, until someone shouted shes hiding under the chicken coop next door. Phew although scared and nervous she was unharmed. Peggy sadly was stuck in the dogs mouth, head and shoulders fully in shaking her. eventually after i proper kicked it in the face and bum, he dropped her. I snatched her and ran straight to the vets but sadly she couldnt be saved and died 36 hours later. 🙁 Heart broken doesnt really come close. Then i find out the same dog killed a yorkie the day before. Angry i was furious. I have a few dogs as most of you know, i am never stupid and only take out the amount i know i can control and protect.

So I get the call from the vet to say Peggy had passed away at 1.30 am. 3pm Leah got out, Legged all over to see the neighbours for chicken no doubt! 6 hours she was running free no matter how close i got she wasn’t interested and carried on running! Eventually turned herself in as a fugitive to the vets who rang me. She was over whelmed to see me, and was singing before i got through the doors. So i forgave her pretty fast and that was ok. I think seeing her reaction told me she really loves me even though she doesn’t always show it.

Brad wants to meet everyone and Loves the sound of my van. The minute the doors are opened to the back he gets super excited and cant wait for our next adventure where ever it maybe. Hes such a sweetie and a huge poser!

Leo is a little shit lol but we love him. To be honest i know he could be much worse, and does take direction. Although i have noticed that his rear leg or back muscles seem worse when its raining (great when we have had 6 days of nothing but rain) so i take him out on the lead in the garden and then shut him in again. Seems to work better as he doesn’t have so many “episodes”.

So Moving on now to a little bit of news well about the size of another dog actually! Melinda Joy knew i was tempted with Kasey, well I decided i needed her in my life so 2 days ago I collected her from the Airport! So Kasey is here now as well. Shes a front leg amputee and only recently been through the change, due to fractured pelvis that needed sorting before nerve damage to her front leg, but shes amazing and adapted so very well. Shes such a sweetie happy to give everyone kisses and cuddles. Her tail hasnt stopped wagging since i collected her and i think shes a really happy pooch! Still Early days after her long flight, and she has made friends with Tara and Leo, and tomorrow she can meet someone else and gradually join the gang. 🙂

So this Nana is a very happy Nana and i dont think I realised how much i needed Kasey rather than her needing me! The truth is I dont mind i love her to bits, although arguing over my bed at night I dont think I am winning yet lol

Photos to follow shortly! 🙂

Author: nanawoofwoof

Hi I have a border collie pup who sadly was born with a problem with his foot. Sadly the damage wasnt able to be repaired so he had his rear leg removed at 4 days old! I have also adopted 2 Malaysian Tripawds this year called Brad and Leah who are awesome! <3

6 thoughts on “I Have so much to tell you!”

  1. I am so very, very sorry about little Peggy. How horrible for her, for you. I’m just sitting here shaking my head in disbelief of everything you and your puls endured that day. I’m so very sorry. Heartsick for you.

    To know you can find joy in how well Brad and Leah are doing can help you heal. I love hearing about the personalities they are each developing under yoir loving care.

    I know your heart was in your throat every second Miss Leah was a fugitive! And I also know your heart was bursting with happiness when you found her and when you heard how happy she was ro see you! 🙂

    Am I reading this eight? You’ve adooted another trioawd from Malaysia??? OMD! You ARE a Saint!
    Cannot wait to see pics of everybody! 🙂

    Leo is wuite the spunky fella!! Nothing seems to hold him back! Glad he’s doing well, except for rainy days anyway. And glad YOU are doi g well now too! Take cae of yourself too, okay?

    Love and hugs to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Wow oh wow. I knew about the dog incident and Kasey but didn’t know about Leah getting loose. Now they all need to settle down and behave.

    You will never win the argument of the bed. LOL this I know.
    Glad the pack is all good. I am so sorry for you loss of little Peggy

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    1. Yeah she decided that the neighbours were more fun I think lol naughty girl but other than tired, safe and soggy no issues bless her. A little stiff the next day but not surprised as I was to lol running all over the neighbours gardens back and forth lol. She knew where she lived she just wasn’t ready to give in yet lol X

  3. Oh no! What a horrible thing to have happen. I am so sorry for your loss 🙁 I am so glad to hear that Brad and Leah are settling in and doing well and OMD! Another!?!? What an awesome person you are! Another lucky pup hits the jackpot! Can’t wait for pics 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness. First, I cannot imagine how terrified you were on that walk and am so sorry to hear about Peggy.

    Another tripawd! Welcome home, Kasey! I saw her pictures on the website. She’s very beautiful and has such kind, sweet eyes.

    Leah sounds so much like my Miss Jack. She’s from West Africa and grew up on the street. She’s very slow to trust anyone because she was mistreated for so long. In case it’s helpful, I’ve found two books that are useful: Patricia McConnell’s The Cautious Canine and Grisha Stewart’s Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0. The latter is wonderful for empowering dogs to make their own decisions about how to handle things they are afraid of. I’ve found it so useful for Jack – her instinct is to growl at anything she’s scared of, and ask questions later. She’s now learning different behaviors to make herself feel safe.

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