Leo’s nearly 12 weeks old!

imageSo my gorgeous boy is growing up so fast! Nothing stops him! He is certainly a typical playful boisterous border collie puppy and I have started to forget he is a Tripawd pup!

He is 100% chaos but very lovable rogue! I fall more and more in love with him.


Can’t get him to show it off properly as the photo won’t spin around but hey he has some growing to do 😛 He’s very proud of it that’s for sure!





Author: nanawoofwoof

Hi I have a border collie pup who sadly was born with a problem with his foot. Sadly the damage wasnt able to be repaired so he had his rear leg removed at 4 days old! I have also adopted 2 Malaysian Tripawds this year called Brad and Leah who are awesome! <3

2 thoughts on “Leo’s nearly 12 weeks old!”

  1. Ohhh look at you Mister Grown Up Tripawd! OK well almost growed up. But you sure look so handsome in your bandanna! Glad that it made it across the pond.

    Love you Leo!

  2. “Aww Thank you Jerry I have some more growing to do so it fits better but I love it!!!
    Mummy has your card framed on her wall above my puppy pen to remind me I can do anything!
    Mummy saw a new Tripawd at the vets so she gave them one of your cards as she said she loves you all…. But I of course love you much more! 😘😘😘 xxx

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