Leo 5 weeks and 5 days old

12415936_1667102246875175_1464141945_o 12443759_1668871023364964_1861966555_o 12449529_1668489870069746_1933709132_oToday Leo Managed the length of our living room for the very first time. He was so good he didnt stop once and kept on walking to towards me. He was standing really tall as well! Probably the tallest i have ever seen him stand!

Hard to believe 5 weeks ago we werent sure if he would get through the operation or after care. and Yet here we are with one naughty and super cute Puppy who acts just the same as any other puppy just slightly slower!

Very Proud Mummy moment!

Author: nanawoofwoof

Hi I have a border collie pup who sadly was born with a problem with his foot. Sadly the damage wasnt able to be repaired so he had his rear leg removed at 4 days old! I have also adopted 2 Malaysian Tripawds this year called Brad and Leah who are awesome! <3

5 thoughts on “Leo 5 weeks and 5 days old”

  1. Today i have been completely causing mayhem and destruction (basic ransacking my mummies living room) So Mummy has sent off for some games to play with me, when my siblings leave for their new jobs in 2 weeks time!
    At the moment all of us combined at beating up her lounge is great fun! (although mummy doesnt think so) So i guess i need to start showing her hints of lots of things for her to buy for me!

  2. OMD where DID you get that sweater for him? Adorable!

    Leo, no getting into trouble when your Mum is away OK? I think your new games sound like fun, be sure to post photos, we want to see.

  3. It’s actually a full coat with 4 leg pieces so I sewed one up lol he sadly won’t be in it very long lol 😉

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